About Us

CR Gillespie Ltd was formed in 2007 grown from soletrader status, through word of mouth and strong relationships with existing clients.

The soletrader was formed out of a complete dissatisfaction with the construction industry in 2000 onwards. There was very little care and pride in operatives work. Speed and money were the most important element. This stemmed form the large house building companies all the way down to sub-contractors. As a result the standard of workmanship was poor.

I set out to satisfy my need to leave a high quality job. Its not a gimmick; "I love what I do" and all who work for CR Gillespie Ltd have to deliver a high standard of workmanship.

Primarily a bricklaying and Masonry specialist we have evolved into a complete build company, through demand and trust our clients have with us.

The client deserves a quality service for their hard earned money everytime.

Mission statement

  • to deliver the highest quality workmanship and standards
  • to have a trusting and honest relationship with clients
  • to deliver value for hard earned money
  • complete projects when agreed

Chris Gillespie